Meet Jessica


Grew up in a Midwest city, and moved a few times before college. Studies Forensic Chemistry, and had 2 previous lab jobs before moving for another lab with HPLC and GCMS.

Meet Jillian


Grew up in a small Midwest town. Studied Forensics. And held out for a 'Big Girl' job.


New Year to Come!

January - Car things finally came around. Updated other business papers


This year was a new challenge. With the deferent business adventures and having to refocus, the year wasn't as productive as we would have hoped. 

At the top of this year, Jessica's Cookie Business hasn't had the steadiness that she was wanting. Corporate jobs haven't been all that steady either with overtime and slow-timing. But we kept working hard to keep our heads up and our bodies moving healthy!

January - Jessica became partners with Naked Nutrition!

July - New injuries to pay attention to

Family needs arise

Fall - New Personal Records in Running!!