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I found this company on one of my a google researching. I was interested in finding clean ingredients as I had been looking at food labels. As there is unnecessary ingredients in most of our foods, 'healthy' foods have them too! But the products that are clean and low on items tend to still have the 'fake' sugar. I was wanting a protein that I actually like to take.


I found that this company (Naked Nutrition) was founded by an Olympian that's pretty cool.


I first tried the Pea Protein, it came in a 5LB container! At first it was hard to get down but as time went on I had gotten used to it. But I got the Whey Proteins next and haven't looked back at the other companies/brands and have been looking forward to trying out the other flavors. So far, I have tried Chocolate, Vanilla, Fruit Punch, and Lemonade.
Other products from Naked Nutrient has been tested by me:
-Greens Superfood
-BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acid)
-Trail Samples
What have I noticed since trying these products?
-More Energy
-Deeper Sleep
-Quicker Recovery (instead of a week, its only a few days