Frequently Asked Questions

Are we looking for a relationship?

No, we are not looking for any type of relationship, BUT business clients.

How are we?

I tend to giggle at this question, as we pretty much post most everything. Please read the most recent post, but to some up...we are doing great, Thank You.

Can we donate to your cause?

We get this A LOT, as much as we would like to donate and help out every single one of these fundraisers, we just can't always do so. We appreciate the difference you are trying to supply in the world, but we want you to save your time and energy and look elsewhere.

What do we do?

We are High Ticket Affiliated Marketers. We take a pricy item and find the audience that is trying to find said item and place it in their lap.
Along the way, we have found a 'following' that seemed to enjoy our lifestyle and adventures, so we have social media to help show them what we have been up to. If you click the button below, you can see our blog that sums up all the things, including the products we have found for our health journey.

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